How to buy Panama Hat

The first thing you should know before buying a Panama hat is that the hats are made in Ecuador, read our history so that you know more about the Panama hats. then knowing that, you need to know that Panama hat are a perfect choice for hot weather, sunny days and summer but you can also wear it with everything that is in your wardrobe, the Panama hat is without a doubt one of the most versatile hats that you will always have.

The ANNA’S HAT has a variety of hats that you are sure to love.  We have in different styles, sizes, and grades. We will show you what are the 3 steps to buy a Panama Hat:

1.- Styles

Depending on your needs and for what you plan to wear them for. We suggest you review all the products we have and choose which one identifies you best. We offer Fedoras, gambler, cow Hat, San Diego style for men and for women we have fedora, fancy long wing, hand painted and hand embroidered.

 2.- Sizes

All our hats have sizes, the table below we will explain about the sizes in inches and centimeters so you can choose which one is perfect for you.

First take a measuring tape and measure around your head, then check on the chart what is your size according to the measure you choose. the size chart is in inches and cm.

3.- Grade

The Panama hats are made with the best quality that the straw toquilla offers, the fibers woven into a tight mesh. The amount of straw fibers woven in one square inch is called grade and it identifies the quality of the hat. The Anna’s Hat offers you a variety of grades for each style of Panama hat: sub-fine, fine and super fine.

if you want to order a super fine hat, you have to do it on request, choose one of the designs that we have in our gallery and we do it in the quality you want. order us by writing to our mail with the photo of the hat you want in super fine and we will do it for you.